Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just a bit of shopping in Budapest


I spent some days in Budapest last week. I couldn't avoid doing a bit of shopping since I have discovered some amazing shops there. My favorite one is the New Yorker. It is very similar to H&M and ZARA. Since we don't have it in Greece, I love buying stuff from there cause no one will wear them back home. FYI they have awesome sales!!    

I bought this funky hat from there (only for 1€!!!), a very cute grey cardigan that opens in the back and a black furry cardigan/coat.

I also found this beautiful bag in a store that I don't even remember. I just a lot of bags and I entered. I loved this one immediately cause of its perfect size, shape, right number of pockets and long leash. Even though I am not an orange-lover in colours, this "rotten" orange really got me. 

Love this cream!! It smells like summer combined with chewing gum. I never used to put on hand cream but now i use it at least 3 times a day.

And my last purchase. Saw this little notebook and it just inspired me to keep notes of all the nice things I did everyday in Budapest. And I actually did :) I love writing stuff down and even more I love reading them after a long time and remember every important detail of trips or just everyday nonsense. 


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