Friday, January 18, 2013

"Grow Your Blog" Party!

Hello guys!

Yesterday I was doing a bit of a research on the net and I happened to run into a blog which is arranging a Party for Bloggers! The name of the blog is 2 Bags Full and I believe it's an amazing idea! We've never heard about anything like it before, so we'd like to expand it and let people know about it! Bloggers should support each other, its an interactive gesture. As Vicky says in her blog "blogging is only fun if you have someone to talk to" ,and that is the reason we blog in the first place; to share anything that is going on in our minds! That's what makes us happy, to watch people respond to what we do and love. 

If you are also intrested to the "Grow Your Blog" Party, check it out here and let more bloggers know about it !!

A big thanks to Vicky for taking new blogs seriously and helping them out!

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