Saturday, January 26, 2013

What shall I wear on a Saturday afternoon?

Knitted Skirt: DIY by grannie!!
Jean Jacket: Levi's Vintage
Woollen Beanie: J.Lo (similar here)
Ankle Heels: RaphaellaBooz
Necklace: ZARA

The last couple of days it has been raining like hell here, so the moment I saw the rain stop I run out to shoot some photos! (btw I hate hate rain!!)

I wore this outfit some days ago to go for a drink. The dress-code is casual, yet smart cause of the heels. The skirt you see here was an inspiration of mine. I told my grannie and voila, she made it! Lately I 've been also learning to braid because there are so many good things you can make and above all, unique! The t-shirt is from a Zara store in Lisbon but I'm sure it's in most of the stores in all the countries. Not much to say about the shoes, I've said it all in a previous post!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and... stay dry!! 


  1. Love this! Found you through your lookbook post and am following you on GFC now <3

  2. Love your style, I specially liked your t-shirt and your beanie :)

    Mónica <3