Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY: Create prints of your choice

This is a very easy way to alter simple tees into cool stylish picks!

What you will need:
1. Simple t-shirt or any other piece of clothing
2. Transfer papers (bought mine in Plaisio for 9,00)
3. Scissors
4. Iron

 Step 1: Chose a picture from your computer
Step 2: Print it on the transfer paper
 Step 3: Cut your picture very carefully
 Step 4: Turn the picture around, facing your t-shirt
 Step 5: Iron it with pressure for at least 20-30 seconds
 Step 6: Remove the paper slowly
Step 7: Just wear it!

I really like this hamsa hand as a pattern, so this was my pick for my t-shirt. As I read, it is a sign of protection from the evil eye in the Middle East and North Africa. It can only cause good :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know if you tried it and what kind of patterns you chose!

P.S. I want to thank Linda for being my model in the last pic!!


  1. what a great design :D hams hand and very meaningful !
    thanks or the tutorial anyway ❤
    maybe it will very helpful for my assignments :'D

  2. wow this is a very great DIY! Amazing way to turn an old t-shirt into something so meaningful and awesome :) You did amazing job!