Monday, April 15, 2013

Photoshoot Backstage

Trousers: Versace Vintage collection

Shorts and Blazer: Versace Vintage collection

Blue velvet dress: Angelo Mozzillo

Photograpgers: Stella Giakoumatou & Myrto Panteloglou
Model: Xenia Mila

So today we had the pleasure to style a photoshoot for the needs of the upcoming website of these two amazing photographers, Stella and Myrto. The photoshoot took place in an old sanatorium in Parnitha (very creepy - don't try it at night). All clothing was provided by Jade Avenue, a very prestigious high fashion boutique that you'll be seeing more of on The Velvet Closet. Also, Xenia was extremely professional and stood in tiny shorts and dresses for about 4 hours looking absolutely stunning, and trust me, it was freezing cold. We had a great day, the pictures turned out amazing and we will be posting the link to the girls' website soon, so stay tuned! 


  1. This looks fantastic!! It must be lovely running a blog with a friend who you can bounce ideas off of.
    Would love to follow each other via bloglovin by the way :)

    x g.