Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pink Ombre

Pink ombre top: H&M Fashion against AIDS limited edition
Black Shorts: Brandy Melville
Ankle Boots: H&M

Earings: Underground

I've had this beauuutiful top for about a year, and this morning it still had the label on it. I loved it the minute I saw it, but it was one of those poor clothes that just stay and rot in your wardrobe for no reason. Until now! Here it is, and since today in Athens it's like 22 degrees, I couldn't have chosen a better day to wear it. I thought I'd try and make the photos a bit more interesting and give them a Polaroid-ish effect(key word: try) and also wear my chunky Underground earrings that I bought on the Patricia Field show last week. You like?


  1. Love the outfit! The shoes are gorgeous! I'm jealous that the weather is so hot- its 6 degrees in south England :(

    Olivia xxx

  2. I love your outfit, and the top is so gorgeous :D

  3. I want that shirt :)

  4. you look amazing! Pink ombre fantastik on you!

  5. Gorgeous pics Hun, really like that colour lipstick on you, you suit it well.

    Carrieanne x

  6. Lovely photographs! love the pink ombre!!