Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Match Point?

Lace shorts: River Island, similar here
Top: Topshop
Black wedges: ZARA, I also love these!
Jewellery: Custom, similar necklace on SALE here!
After a rather long absence, considering the frequency I normally post my outfits, I am back! I have been very busy with some University applications so I haven't had time to take photos, which by the way is really a shame since the weather has been so beautiful lately. 
I guess what I like about this outfit is the combination of lace with such a casual fabric. I could have gone with a chiffon black shirt, but I think I should try to lay off dark colours for a while, as I did in my previous post. Also, my mood wasn't all that serious this morning, so I had this urge to combine stuff that I would never wear together. So this is an outfit with stuff that don't match:red lipstick, pink pyjama-like top, lace, a brown vintage bag and heels. I think I'll do it more often.


  1. just wanted to say i absolutely LOVE your shoes, they're amazing :*

  2. your jewelry is incredible...and your blog :-p feel free to check out ours x