Monday, February 25, 2013

A day at the beach

These photos were taken in Praia do Guincho. 

It was an amazing sunny day, one of those that make you miss summer, so my boyfriend and I went to the beach. We were actually planning to find our friends there but when we arrived they were leaving! So, we stayed there for like an hour with beers and finger food, because the wind wasn't really helping. I actually had the brilliant idea of taking my shoes of, which I now advise you to not do in a similar situation!!

I know this is not a fashion post but I couldn't resist not showing you this sunset! Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Wonderful photos dear! So jealous... I wanna go to the beach too. :) Would just like to thank you for sending me an email and for following my blog. Sorry it took me long to reply to your email. Following back!

    Jasmin ❤