Monday, February 11, 2013

Piece of the day: Turquoise Jacket

Leather turquoise Jacket: TALLY WEiJL
Pants: Zara Woman
Jacket tied at the waist: DEHA/Dance wear
Tee: Zara Woman
Sunglasses: Carrera
Bag: Burberry
Shoes: Converse All Star

I was wearing this outfit yesterday but since I was a bit lazy to post it (you know, it was  Sunday!!), I did it today. 

I found this amazing turquoise jacket in a store I don't usually go to. A couple of days ago I got in and I just couldn't ignore it. It was there looking at me saying "Buy me, I'm so pretty" and well.. I did! Wearing it really makes my day, it's so bright and fun!

The rings are also a new purchase that I'm very happy about. Found them at H&M, five for 5,99€! You can find them in gold as well. I like the fact that the material isn't the really cheap one that leaves green stains on your fingers after a couple of times of wearing them. Hate when that happens!