Monday, February 4, 2013

On Monday Morning

Denim jacket / Ankle boots: H&M
Lace leotard: Select
Balloon skirt: Topshop
Leather clutch: Nine West
Rings: Custom made by street artists
Not much to say about the whole outfit, but I do want to say a few words about my new ankle boots! I bought them from H&M (yes, i shop there quite a lot) and I'm very happy with them. They're pretty high but very comfy, and they have a thin rubber layer at the bottom so they're not slippery. I also love their neutral colour as it's so easy to combine. I think thanks to their shape they're kind of a statement piece and you should be seeing them on here pretty often from now on!

Also I wanted to say that we are shouting out a big thanks to The Adore mag for featuring our blog on the Week's favorites! It's an awesome blog so be sure to check it out!


  1. mygosh. awesomeness! love every detail of your outfit! anyway thank you so much for following me, I'm now following you back via GFC <3

  2. Such a great find from H&M! Your skirt is fabulous as well.


  3. Love your style its amazing!!!!!!!