Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aztek Print

Aztek Cardigan: Zara
Burgundy shirt: Vintage
Skinny jeans: H&M
So after a week spent in bed with the flu, I thought it was about time i posted some photos, as the only thing I 've been able to do for the past days was to stay at home and maybe once in a while take a walk from my bedroom to the living room. Now, about the outfit... the shirt is second hand and I bought it for like 7euros, and I put on the studs myself just to give it a bit of an edge. It's actually a pretty long shirt so I sometimes wear is as a dress too, usually with boots and a nice warm cardigan. 


  1. Awesome prints! I really like how the cardigan and the shirt matches so perfectly

  2. in love with the cardigan