Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perfect like a good burgundy wine

Leggings: Zara TRF
Ankle boots: Camper/Diana
Necklace: Uterque
 Leather Gloves: Uterque (similar here)

There is this amazing park near my house that I don't go very often. Only the few times I am in the mood to go for some running (rarely I would say :) ). It is always full of kids with their grandparents who I love to watch cause they are extremely cute. There are also many people walking their dogs and actually one of them was running around me like crazy while shooting these photos!! 

As long as its still winter (even though sunny) I like using dark colours. I love love lovee this hoodie because of its colour and material. It's very comfortable, warm and yet very stylish. As far as  the shoes go, I spent the whole winter in these ankle boots. Even though you can walk for hours in them, the heel gives them an extra touch and makes them more chic. As you can see I was in my cute-mood so I decided to bride my hair on the two sides. I matched this outfit with one of my favourite bags. The only disadvantage is that it's a bit heavy because of its material -patent leather- and so I cannot carry it around for too long. On the other hand the material is what I love about this bag so... mixed feelings here!!


  1. your gloves are a cute touch :) love your jumper xxx your blog is such an inspiration for me <3
    - Mandy from Stickers & Skirts