Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to Lisbon

 Sweater: SheInside
Jean Shorts: Zara TRF
Boots: Zara/Woman/Shoes
Bag: FullahSugah

I have finally finished my exams and already left to Lisbon!! I am going to stay here for 12 days, so Nicole and I will be working from distance! I´m so excited, I really needed these vacations! I´m even more excited because my mom borrowed me her super professional Nikon d300. She bought a newer model so she isn't so scared with the idea of me carrying her camera! Couldn't be more happy. 

These photos are from the first day in Lisbon. I saw all my Portuguese friends again, we had walks in the center (I love Lisbon center!!!) and at night we had a biiiig dinner, like old times! Ohhh i miss my Erasmus days so so much! Well, at least I'm here now and I will be for quite some time to enjoy!

Stay tuned for more news and posts from Lisboa!! 


  1. Love your outfit, especially the cat top! Congrats on the inheritance of a DSLR and for finishing your exams (woohoo!) :)

    Crystal's Beauty Corner