Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I do my make-up

1. BB cream - Garnier: I like make-up but not extreme things. Thats why I'm using this foundation cream. It is very soft, you cannot see that I'm wearing it but on the same time it creates a smooth effect on the skin. It also a moisturizer cream, so 2 in 1!
2. Concealer Clinique: It is my favorite! I 've been using the exact same one for years and I 've never changed it!
3. Bronzer Sephora: I was never a fan of pink blushes. I always like using more brownish colours. This one is my favorite at the moment. I use it during winter and summer as well and looks perfect.

These are my usual steps. When I am up for something more, I use eyeliner, lipsticks or whatever I am in the mood for!!


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