Saturday, March 30, 2013

AXDW - Day 1

Patricia Field

A very stylish presence - we like.
Patricia Field garments to buy in the reception area
Beautiful jewellery from a downtown boutique that had its own stand in the reception area
Some items from Mrs Field's collection

Last night was the first out of four nights in the Athens Xclusive Designers Week. The amazing Patricia Field presented her newest collection in a catwalk full of funky music, bright lights and, well, great clothes. An event full of style, the first night of AXDW was a blast and we had a great time getting a lot of inspiration from both Mrs Field's collection and the oh-so-fashionable guests. Stay tuned for more designers and photos!

✿ P.S. Please excuse the colour tones of the photos, truth is  the lighting was insane so we had a bit of a hard time with the camera! Next time we'll be 100% prepared!


  1. Photos still look great! You guys are lucky this looks like fun! | bloglovin

  2. Really liked the blog! And the photos are amazing! I am following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on bloglovin? Let us know! Kisses! ♥

    1. Hey girls! We love your blog and we're following you back! x