Monday, March 11, 2013

New favourites


This is just one piece from the new collection of Ciaté

This one was a present from my boyfriend :)! First of all I love the colour and secondly... it is Velvet!! The truth is that I haven't used it yet cause my nails are already polished, but I truely can't wait. You will find it on Sephora stores.

You can check all the new collection here.  

The steps look really easy and simple: 

Ear cuff

The second new favourite piece is this amazing ear cuff. If you are wearing that you definately don't need any more jewelry around. I like the combination of black and gold. Having short hair will make it look even more extreme. With long hair it will seem like "there is something there but I'm not sure what it is", which I believe its also very cool and playful! 

You can find it in River Island. Check out more here!

I want to thank my friend Kostantina for this small donation to our blog!

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