Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Tie-Dye We Trust!


Leather jacket: Topshop
Oversized cotton shirt: Brandy Melville
Black shorts with lace detail: River Island, similar here
Tie dye bag: Zara TRF 

This bag is my newest addition to my tie-dye collection that I'm lately in love with. There sure are more pieces to come, but for the moment I think you'll be seeing quite a lot of this beauty. It's quite big and very comfy and the colours are amazing, perfect for spring! The leather detail makes it a bit less casual, but still you could probably wear it any time of the day. The thing is, I'd be very careful what I wear it with, since this specific type of tie-dye that has quite intense colours can easily seem tacky if it's not combined with the right outfit! My personal advice is to wear it either with really dark or monotonous colours or just denim and a beige or white t-shirt. 

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