Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Dress: Sita Murt
Jacket: ZARA Woman
Ankle Boots: Bershka
Bag: FullahSugah

I wanted to shoot photos in this area for such a long time. I like it very much because it is so... bright! We finally did and I love the result. 

I found this dress in my mom's closet and I believe it is absolutely amazing. I actually did some changes on it, like adding a belt around the waist. I like the fact that you can't really see it, so it is pretty much like it is the cut of the dress. I preferred not to add a necklace as it would scream "too much!!!", the pattern and the sequins in the front and back part are enough. My advice would be to only put on some rings or bracelets of your choice, and then it will be perfect!

Have a nice day and night :)


  1. I really admire you creativity

  2. That surrounding for the photoshoot is beyond beautiful! It's so powerful and breathtaking! I adore it :)

    Much love,


  3. Great outfits, and what a wonderfuls pics!