Friday, March 15, 2013

How to: 50's Pin Up Hair & Make Up!

Hey guys!
So today I thought I'd go for a 50's kind of pin-up look! Here are some very easy and quick steps and tips on the make up and hair!  

What you'll need:

1. Hairspray ( I used Wellaflex Hairspray by Wella) 2. Brush ( I used Tangle Teezer) 3. Bobby pins 4. A thin comb 5. A bandana 


1. Brush your hair thoroughly
2.  Separate a part of your front hair, make sure it's even from both sides.  Then backcomb it a few times, so that it can gain more volume.
3. Hold up the part of your front hair up straight and fold it twice like you want to create a roll, one time until the middle and then once more just where it touches the head. Secure from the sides with bobby pins, and squeeze in there any little hair that might have stayed out during the folding. Don't worry about trying a hundred times to make a perfectly straight roll, you will probably not be able to tell the difference after you put the bandana on. 
4. Put the bandana around your head and tie it just where the front quiff ends, either in the centre or the side of your head.
5. Put the rest of your hair up and create an up-do. I personally don't spend a lot of time in that, I prefer to kind of just twirl it all around and tie it with an elastic band. 
6.  Even out your updo just to make sure it looks exactly as you like it, not too small but not too puffy, as you need the attention to be on the front puff and the bandana.


1. Blush ( I used the MAC Cremeblend blush in Posey) 2. Red Lipstick (I used INGLOT Lip Pencil in Red) 3. Cotton pads 4. Black Eyeliner ( I used Super Liner by L'Oreal ) 5. Eyebrow Pencil ( I used darkest shade of The Body Shop's Eyebrow Definer ) 6. Bronzer ( I used The Body Shop's Honey Bronzing Powder) 7. Mascara ( I used Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes) 8. Foundation ( I used Sephora's Brightening & Hydrating foundation in Light).


1. Apply a rather light foundation, since you want your face to be porcelain-like and not look tanned. Make sure to get the lips too!
2.  Apply an eyebrow definer and make sure your brows are 2 tones darker. 
3.  Start applying your liquid liner, drawing a straight line almost like continuing the line of your lower eyelid. Then just fill in the line, going towards the middle of your upper eyelid.
4. Continue with starting a line from the beginning of your upper eyelid and drag it towards the middle. Make the ends of the two lines meet, keeping a steady hand. Straighten the line by erasing unwanted details with a wet q-tip.
5. Apply a tiny bit of bronzer on your cheekbones, chin and above your eyebrows. A very tiny bit!! Continue by applying some (preferably pink) blush on your cheeks.
6. Apply a red lipstick or lip pencil. 
7.  Finish by applying quite a lot of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Leopard Shirt: H&M


  1. I've yet to try a cremeblens blush, looks great! Love the nose ring! | nyc style blog

  2. This look is so gorgeous! I followed you on GFC and bloglovin - I look forward to your next post! xx

  3. How awesome is this! I'm a retro lover and I'm in love with this diy, it's perfectly done! I like that modern twist you gave it!

  4. Your hair is so beautiful, as is this look! I love everything about it! Your cateyeliner is perfection. It took me months to perfect mine, and I haven't rocked it in so long that I'm afraid I lost my touch.

    You mentioned if I would follow you... Well, I just did! :)