Friday, March 1, 2013

We Love Little Dress

Dress: H&M

I really love the dress, it is so cute but it also has an edgy touch cause of the pattern. I found it in an H&M store in Lisbon only for 14,90 euros. 
About the ring, it was a 5-pack of rings with different colours. I didn't really like them when I saw them, they looked too..colourful! But then I tried them on! If you wear them one by one, of course, they look amazing on your finger and I actually think that they make the hand look slimmer. You also have 5 different colours, one for every day (working days :P)! 
As you can see I did my hair in two braids which later I fixed them in the two sides of my head. I thought why not go totally girly since the dress requires it?!?! If you were wondering, no i didn't spend a lot of time making them, its extremely easy! I ve actually never done it before, but I bet you will be seeing it a lot in the future!!



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  2. Such a nice dress and I love your hair!

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  3. I love the background and your hairstyle!!

  4. Lovely outfit you look so beautiful new follower check my blog out follow and comment if you like anything you see :).

  5. hey i love your blog post,stunning girl

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    1. Hey!! coll blog!! Im trying to follow you but it appears to be a problem :/ I will try again later! In the meantime check it out, maybe you can find whats wrong! thanx xx